2015- What a Year

Looking back on it, I can hardly believe I fit in as much stuff into a single year as I did in 2015. At age 53, I ran my first marathon and did an another one to boot. I did eight half marathons, 4 10K’s, a bunch of 5K’s and really had a blast running from Portland, to Boise, to St. George, Tooele, and the Wasatch front. Between running and hiking, I put in around 1,600 miles and climbed over 100,000 feet in elevation.

Me after the Freaking Fast Half in Boise.

Me after the Freaking Fast Half in Boise.

There were several firsts this year, as I hiked up Flood, Pass, Murray, Swenson, and several other canyons. I hiked to Kolob Arch, Angel’s Landing, Deseret Peak, South Willow Lake, and even Stansbury Island.

And I still had time for several rounds of golf with my father and with my credit union friends at various charity tournaments. And though my golf game was not that great, I have learned to enjoy the sport never the less.

And let’s talk travel. I made it to St. George 3 times, Zion’s Park twice, and I travelled by car through Nevada, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Oh and did I mention a trip to Maui with my oldest daughter Emily. It was there that I got to run my first marathon. At 53 no less.

Me and my dog Kobey at the top of Deseret Peak.

Me and my dog Kobey at the top of Deseret Peak.

I have always been fortunate to have a good group of friends and associates during my life. This year has been especially good in the friend department. I have made so many new acquaintances and so many of these have turned into friendships. Whether through running, my association with other non-believers, or with my friends in recovery, I have indeed been enriched.

The drought we are in meant my garden wasn’t quite as productive as I would have liked, but even so I had an abundance of kale and swiss chard for my smoothies, as well as a good assortment of berries (though the birds got more).

This year I saw rattlesnakes, mountain lion tracks, tons of turkeys, deer, eagles, hawks, pheasants, chukars and even two rare and endangered nenes. I saw the Columbia, Snake, Willamette, Owyhee, Virgin, and many other rivers and streams. I got to see Mt. St. Helens up close for the first time and I got to see the Columbia drain slowly into the Pacific Ocean.

So what didn’t I do this year? First of all, I watched very little television. Except for some sporting events and some documentaries and news, I really did not watch much television. I have to say I didn’t miss it. I also didn’t see any movies. Perhaps I’ll catch up this winter.

It truly has been a wonderful year and I have much to be grateful for. I have a family I deeply love, a job I truly enjoy, and my health has rarely been this good. I truly am living the dream.


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